Terms of Use

  1.- CLIENT
1-1 .- The client acknowledges that the vehicle is owned by RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, the vehicle is in good mechanical condition, and is received together with the necessary documentation and tools, tyres and all elements and accessories that the vehicle has. All of  these must be returned to RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME at the place, date and time previously indicated otherwise it will be considered as misappropriation or theft .

1-2 .- It is prohibited to use the vehicle for the transportation of persons or goods for hire, for racing or public or private competitions, for the transportation of fish, meats, fruits, vegetables, live or dead animals and any kind of packaged liquid. Also, it is forbidden to travel outside the national road network or on unsuitable terrain,or remove the vehicle from the island. Any damage to the vehicle by the breach of these prohibitions shall be borne by the client.

1-3.- The client assumes full responsibility for any violation of traffic or parking rules committed during the term of this contract.

2-1. – Damaged tyres, wheels, underbody, exterior mirrors and windows will always be paid by the client. Likewise, the loss of car keys will be paid for by the client. If the keys are to be taken to the place where the vehicle is stationed, the client will be obliged to pay the amount of $0.50 per kilometer for journey to the vehicle and $0.50 per kilometer for return journey to the Central Bureau.

2-2 .- It is expressly agreed that
RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to any property left or stored in the vehicle or that the client or any other person leaves, stores or transports while the vehicle is for hire or after the hire ends.
The client assumes the risk of such losses or damages, exempts RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME from any claim for the same and undertakes to keep RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME free and blameless of any claim.

2-3 .-
RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME accepts no responsibility for delays or delays that occur following damage to the vehicle or for other reasons .-

3-1 .- For the purpose of this contract the vehicle is covered by an insurance policy of compulsory and voluntary liability to a limit of $50,000 per claim, according to legal provisions.Since the client is assured under this policy which constitutes part of this contract he is required to complete all the terms and conditions thereof. In order to comply with the provisions of that policy, the client must immediately report any incident to RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, and immediately forward any letters, citations or reports concerning this incident, and provide aid to RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME and the Insurance Company in the investigation and defense of any claim or proceeding. The client is obliged to protect the interests of RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, and the insurance company as follows:

        a  -Getting the names and addresses of the people involved in the accident and of any witnesses. -
        b. - Not admitting liability or guilt.
        c. - By not leaving the vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect and safeguard it.
        d. - Notifying the police immediately if the other person's guilt must be investigated or if people are injured.

3-2.-Should the client not comply with any of the above requirements,
RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, may require the client to pay all damages suffered to the vehicle owned by RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, and all costs that could be generated, having no effect the insurance referred to in paragraph 8.

3-4 .- The client agrees to pay an additional amount according to the prevailing rate at the time of signing the contract and
RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME undertakes to relieve the client from liability for damage to the vehicle of RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME, except for the amount of relief(CDW) and damages related to items 2, 3, 4 and 5 of this contract. The client does not enjoy the benefit of exemption if the accident he incurs is because of criminal offenses committed by himself. In this case the client will be liable for the damages suffered to the rented vehicles as well as when they are not caused by an identified third party and the latter does not communicate violation of Penal Law. Likewise, the client agrees to pay RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME... the days the vehicle is detained as a result of repair or retention.

3-5.-The insurance does not cover in any case and costs of repair or replacement of the following must be paid by the client.
• Loss of keys
• Loss or theft of documents and vehicle equipment
• Loss or theft of items inside the vehicle
• Damage to wheels, tyres, mirrors, underbody and windows

4-1.- A client who wishes to extend the duration of the hire must communicate this wish at least 24 hours before the expiry of the contract and receive the approval of the same from RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME. In case of exceeding the time of the return of the vehicle the customer must pay $5 for each HALF HOUR exceeding the time of completion of contract and is not entitled to use and enjoy the vehicle for the next day. Also, the vehicle is considered uninsured. An incident arising and / or suspension would be fully borne by the client.

5-1.- To complete the reservation the client must make payment of the same by means of the website provided.

5-2.- To formalize the hire the client must submit a valid credit card in the name of the driver (Visa Electron cards or debit cards are not accepted), and signing the "agreement" for the purpose of the hire authorizes the owner to charge the final total amount to the customer´s account with the card issued. Not submitting a valid credit card may mean the cancellation of the booking by us

5-3. - The cancellation of the reservation has a charge of one day rental in the reserved date.
5-4.-There is no charge for changes in the reservation which do not involve modifying the place of delivery or return (to change your reservation you must do so through an e-mail and it will always be subject to availability and confirmation on our part).

5-5.- To formalize the hire of the vehicle, the client must present an original current driving license of all drivers, valid for driving. No other document will be acceptable.

6-1.- RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME rates do not include fuel in the price. Normally RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME gives the car ready to enjoy and with enough fuel to reach the nearest gas station. If you leave less gas than we give, the difference of a full tank will be charged to your account.

7-1.- CDW is not insurance. It is an optional protection against accidents that partially exempts the customer from financial liability for damage to the vehicle of RENTACAR-COMPANY-NAME by collision or vandalism. If the client does not accept the CDW,he will be responsible not only for payment of the cost of repairing the vehicle, but also any other expenses and costs arising from such damage such as transport costs and / or towed vehicle, also for loss of profit earnings while the vehicle is unemployed up to a maximum value of the vehicle according to market.

7-2.-If a client accepts the CDW,he is liable for the payment of a non-waivable excess of $500.00 , if there is damage to the vehicle This amount is returned to the client in the space of two months, if documented by a third party liability, and if there is
the recognition of guilt of a third party

7-3.-The cost of CDW included in the total price

7-4.-We also have baby seats upon request with a daily charge  of  $3.00


• Unlimited Mileage
• Additional driver
• VAT Local Tax
liability insurance and with excess CDW
• Occupants Safety

 9.-The price does not include "exclusions"

• Mechanical damage to the underside of the car, including skirts.
• Broken windows and mirrors.
• Damaged upholstery.
• Reckless driving or under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse
• Fines, traffic penalties
• Extra services (chairs, elevators, office deliveries, delivery and return after-hours (before 07.00 am and after 22.00 pm).
• Loss and replacement of keys for any reason.
• Incorrect fuel refueling, misuse of the clutch.


10-1 .- The delivery schedule and / or return will be from 07.00 to 23.00. After business hours incur a cost depending on the rates .-

11-1 .- The minimum age is 21 years old and conduccir leave at least 1 year old.
11-2 .- For drivers under 25 are charged a $3.00 per day per rental day
12-1.- PREPAID Discount only applies when you make payment on the website at the timeof booking
12-2.- Clients discounts on hotels, companies, partners or other promotion, evidenced by acard, ID cards or other means that are clients of the companies associated or belongto this group in order to apply the discount. In case you can not assert it, did not applyany discount. Having to pay the difference if any 
Exist complaint forms available to customers
For any disputes which may arise in connection with this contract, the parties submit to the local courts.


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